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Recover lost, damaged or deleted data from any type of system or hard drive. Local data recovery service to Liverpool, Southport, Ormskirk & the Wirral. Nationwide service by post & carrier.

We use the latest forensic recovery software and equipment to ensure the best possible data recovery results. We also have 1000's of spare parts, matching hard drives and an Extensive database of hard drive modules to re-programme PCB boards. NONE of this is available in a computer shop. Even IT departments with the specialist forensic software don't have the spare parts and modules required to complete a repair that will enable a data recovery to be completed successfully.

We have flexible hard drive data recovery tools that allow us to read between any 2 points. We can read up to a damaged area and then stop. We can start again after the the damaged area. We are able to switch heads on and off as required. We are also able to replace damaged heads from spares as required. If the PCB board has lost it's modules they can be reloaded from our extensive database of stored modules. Almost any problem can be overcome.

If your data is irreplacable, critical to your business or a collection that has taken years to build don't risk losing it by letting someone 'have a go' at getting it back for you. We are probably not the cheapest data recovery company around but that is because we invest in the best equipment, maintain extensive libraries of modules, keep 1000's of spares and donor hard drives to ensure successful recoveries. You may only get one chance to recover your data, make sure it counts!

Our Data Recovery service is both confidential and non-destructive.


How to use our Data Recovery Service

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Please include your contact details

Ensure your device is suitably wrapped to prevent further damage.

You must either own the data or have been given permission by the owner of the data to recover this information

Smaller quantities of data are usually transferred to DVD.

For larger quantities of data we can supply a new hard disk if required but it is usually cheaper if you can provide your own.

External Hard Disk Recovery

External hard disks have become very popular due to low price and convenience. However, many people don't know that within the casing is a hard disk identical to those found in Desktops PC's and Laptops.

Users can experience hard drive problems in many different ways. The PC may operate very slowly or not at all. The computer may issue a variety of error messages or be unable to read files that have been damaged. The disk drive may become very noisy or stop spinning completely. In many cases, the common factor is that the hard disk has been damaged. External hard disk drives suffer from exactly the same problems as desktops PC's and Laptops.

Most manufacturers have added a little protection to external hard drives to protect against knocking and bumping but in many cases it doesn't protect the hard disk sufficiently. Our diagnosis has revealed that external hard drive failures are mainly due to PCB board failure or impact damage causing 'bad sectors' or scratches to the disk surface.